Energy Cables: Powering a Changing World

ENERGY CABLES – Powering a Changing World

Europe needs more reliable, affordable and publicly acceptable grids:

  • Electricity needs to be carried ashore from offshore wind farms or from remote photovoltaic installations to the centres of consumption.
  • Power lines need to bridge across member state borders carrying high loads.
  • Smart distribution lines are needed to supply homes and industry installations.

Europacable member companies offer the full range of power cables to modernise and extend Europe's electricity networks:

  • Low and medium voltage power cables up to 220kV for Europe’s future – smart – distribution grids;
  • High and extra high voltage alternative current (AC) cables up to 380kV to enable the needed grid extensions and facilitate the integration of renewable energies in Europe; and
  • High voltage Direct Current (HVDC) cables which will be the backbone of a future system of electricity highways, securing Europe’s power supplies over long distances.

The key question is however, how and where new power lines are to be introduced while at the same time respecting the comfort and quality of people living close to such lines, the environment surrounding it and the cost allocated to the project. As an innovative answer to this question Europacable has developed the Concept of Partial Undergrounding.

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